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Our founder Valentina Cereda was invited at Dubai One TV for an interview about health and sustainability in the architecture, interiors and construction industry.

As Tom Urquhart said, Dubai has construction sites everywhere and it is a big challenge as well as a great opportunity to implement healthy and sustainable building practices.

Our daily work at Energy & Space is to advise developers, architects, contractors on bespoke strategies to create physical environments that promote ours and the Earth health.

With Katie Overy and Anthea Ayache we talked about the importance of analyzing the origin and ingredients of each interior product, materials, furniture down to the glues and adhesives, to mitigate the use of chemicals that pollute our indoor air quality and that also create mold bacteria.

We all became very conscious of the ingredients of the food we eat, it’s time to pay attention to the ingredients of our environment in the same way.

Changes are also needed in the Dubai Construction Code to push developers and products manufacturer to weave in health and well-being at every step of the design and manufacturing stages.

Aishwarya Ajit asked about the role of Feng Shui in the health of our buildings and homes, and Valentina talked about some truths and myths about this ancient science and it’s application in our contemporary buildings and homes.

At Energy & Space we believe in a holistic approach when it comes to design, where ancient and contemporary sciences work together to optimize our health.

Hope our discussion has reached as many people as possible to create positive change in the architecture and construction industry.

It has been a pleasure to listen to Nadia Rouchdy talking about the initiatives by the Emirates Nature-WWF to preserve nature and biodiversity in the UAE.

You can watch the interview in the link below.


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