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We are here to cultivate our clients’ access to happiness, peace, and wellbeing while making a positive and meaningful shift in people’s lives.

Our brand audits support Residential Developments, Independent Residential and Land plots, Business Owners and Companies Workplaces, as well as Commercial developments that would like to assess the health and well-being of their existing space, to then implement strategies that nurture health, happiness, and calm into your most valued environments.

We study your environment with tools that provide a depth of knowledge passed down through cultures and time.

Through calculated and measurable scientific methods, we analyze the impact of the indoor environment on your health and identify a number of toxicants that cause dis-ease.

By eliminating these harmful stressors and re-directing the Qi (Life Force), we rebalance the energies within your space reconnecting with nature’s frequencies and transforming your physical environment to support and enhance your health and happiness.

As skilled Architects and Building Biologists, we use EMF mitigation, Classical Feng Shui and Geopathic Stress techniques to unlock the natural frequency of energy to transform the physical environments, enhancing the optimal health and well-being of our clients.

A tailored Wellbeing Guide-Book is the output of the audit, including the in-depth analysis of the energy flow and health of your space, and recommendations on adjustments required on the floor plan, landscape, furniture positioning and materials, wellness products, electromagnetic fields mitigation strategies, mold remediation, lighting and acoustics, energy activators and remedies to bring harmony and balance.

This is ideal for home owners, business owners and commercial developments that would like to assess the health and well-being of their environment, to improve health, happiness, performance and prosperity.

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