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Service Details


We support our clients looking to buy a property, or relocate, by identifying if a property is healthy and supportive of the family/business abundance and prosperity.

Our brand audits support Residential Developments, Corporates and Start-ups, Independent Residential and Land plots, Hospitality Firms and Farm Lands that are looking to establish their home or business in a conscious environment.

Our commitment is to help and guide navigate the property hunting process, to find a healthy environment from both inside and outside sources.

  • Does the property/land have a good Feng Shui potential?

  • Is the energy chart of the property suitable to support you and your family to achieve your goals and aspirations?

  • What is the overall health potential?

  • Are there any external or internal electromagnetic radiations from phone antennas or neighbours appliances?

  • Are there natural geopathic stress points/lines?

  • Architect consultation included to evaluate client’s space requirements/future renovation works.

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