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We believe in nurturing our environments by sourcing quality, natural and raw resources to create toxic-free environments. Our practical and minimalistic approach is rooted in intention and allows us to resonate with the natural environment of the Earth’s healing potential.

We choose partners and suppliers whose values are aligned with ours and take conscious interior design responsibility for environmental factors that genuinely impact the planet.

From the building materials to the furniture, paint and accessories, air quality, light and acoustics, we guide you to design and select nontoxic materials to create a conscious space that supports wellbeing and health, aligned to the Life Force and environmental energy.

We promote natural, healthy and non-toxic and sustainable furnishing that follow the Building Biology principles, including furniture, rugs, mattresses, lighting, paint, accessories, EMF shielding products, and more. We help you build or renovate your space to ensure mold-free environments.

Our conscious design approach integrates ancient sciences like Classical Feng Shui and Land Energy with contemporary sciences that supports health and well-being.

This is ideal for new build, full renovations projects as well as smaller designs and renovations works

  • Conceptual mood boards

  • Floor plans (Furniture arrangement, Walls design, Floor Finishes, Furniture specifications, Art and Accessories)

  • Ceiling and Lighting design, including coordination with electrical and mechanical services

  • Small power

  • Elevations

  • 3D visualizations and illustrations

  • Project Management and procurement

  • Project Budget

  • Site supervision and post contract services

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