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Energy and space is the best company in Dubai that offers environmentally friendly services for commercial and residential interior design Dubai. We seek to reduce the negative impact of buildings on the environment by applying to their styles innovative green methods—involving raw and natural resources and other elements that support long ecological balance.

Whether you want interior decor that is intuitive, playful, timeless, or eclectic, our skilled and professional team of architects and designers will take directions from you and incorporate them with their own innovative ideas. We also guide them through designing and selecting non-toxic elements to create a deliberate space that sustains wellbeing and health, aligned to the Life Force and environmental energy.

Features That We Provide In Our Interior Designing

Here are some features that we provide in our interior design Dubai are:


Environmentally-friendly modern features play a significant role in the coming year's trends. There has already been a growth in eco-friendly brand awareness. Our sustainable commercial interior design is environmentally conscious interior design, which emphasises recycled materials that reduce negative impacts on the environment while increasing the health and comfort of its occupants while focusing on eco-friendly design.

If you want to know about our other services, you can click on residential & environmental audit to get detailed information.

Non-toxic Materials and Elements

Natural materials are better for the environment. Less processing means less waste, less electricity, and less chemical runoff, primarily when traded for plastics like polyester fabric which require multiple toxic chemicals to manufacture. Our modern home interior design Dubai, UAE, uses non-toxic material for your home that resonates with your personal style. Our quality of raw materials is higher, which increases the design longevity.

At Energy and Space, from building materials to furniture, paint and accessories, air quality, light, and acoustics, we will assist you in designing and selecting harmless materials to make a conscious space that supports the wellbeing and health of the Life Force.

We stimulate natural, healthy, non-toxic, and sustainable furnishing that follows the Building Biology principles, including furniture, rugs, mattresses, lighting, paint, accessories, EMF shielding products, and more.

We assist you in building or renovating your space to make sure mold-free environments. Our conscious design strategy integrates ancient sciences like Classical Feng Shui and Land Energy with contemporary sciences that support health and wellbeing.

This is ideal for new builds, complete renovations projects, as well as smaller designs and renovations works

  • Conceptual mood boards

  • Floor plans (Furniture arrangement, Walls design, Floor Finishes, Furniture specifications, Art and Accessories)

  • Ceiling and Lighting design, including coordination with electrical and mechanical services

  • Small power

  • Elevations

  • 3D visualisations and illustrations

  • Project Management and procurement

  • Project Budget

  • Site supervision and post contract services

If you are looking to buy a property and want to know that it is healthy and supportive for your family, we will help you out with our best real estate for wellbeing services.

Health Eco-System Design

Several aspects govern when it comes to designing healthy interiors, such as the quality of the air, heating, ventilation, lighting, and acoustics.

Products and materials with high levels of toxic emissions are the root reason for indoor air pollution. For example, furniture or equipment treated with harmful chemicals releases dangerous air toxins. Designers should be responsible while choosing materials. Materials with low emissions of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and other air pollutants are more favourable regarding indoor air quality. As a leading interior designing agency Dubai we take care of everything and ensure that our designers use natural and quality materials that have less impact on the home environment.


At energy and space, we will  enhance your living space using the natural elements in our interior design Dubai. We will ensure that the material we use reduces the negative impact on the environment and offer you a healthy environment that focuses on eco-friendly design.

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