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Our founder Valentina was invited by Dubai Eye 103.8 to talk about the hidden health hazards in our homes, and how we can improve our health through home de-tox.

In this photo, Valentina and Helen are holding the EMF meters used to measure the radiation levels in Dubai Eye studio.

You can listen to the full interview here

and check out the key points below:

-The importance of home health

-What are the invisible toxins present in our home that affect health and well-being ( indoor air quality, toxins from home products, furnishing, decorations, cleaning products, appliances, mold, geopathic Stress and more), and how do these affect our respiratory tracks, lungs, sinus, eczemas..

-What are electromagnetic fields and how do they affect our health and well-being

-How to improve the health of your bedroom to improve sleep and health

-Feng Shui and health

So what can you start doing to de-tox your home and start sleeping better, feeling more energized and happy?

1) Do not sleep with the phone charging on your bedside table: both phone and charger emit high EMF disturbing sleep and cells recovery.

2) Use battery-operated alarm clocks, with no blue light, if you need an alarm in the morning.

3) If you live in the Middle East, most countries have a switch in all power sockets: switch off all power sockets switches before sleeping, as bedside lamps emit electric fields even when off.. of unplug them if you don't have switches on your sockets.

4) If you have a TV screen in your bedroom, it should also be unplugged from the power socket as most TVs have a wifi transmitter that emit strong radio frequencies even when the TVs are not in use! There should not be any electrical devices in the bedroom, only an air purifier is allowed as long as it's located in the furthest corner of the room from the bed, and does not have wifi nor blue tooth connection.

5) Clean your AC ducts and false ceilings every year, as the dust combined with condensation creates mold, which pollutes our indoor air with spores and mycotoxins.


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