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*This guide gives you an in-depth introduction to Classical Feng Shui, including theoretical and practical guidance to implement in your projects. It is meant to introduce you to the topic, to give you clarity of what this ancient science is all about, and will help you in understanding if you would want to learn more and become a certified consultant by studying in a Classical Feng Shui accredited school. 


Classical Feng Shui Guidebook

  • 100+ pages guidebook that contains the knowledge to give you an introduction to Classical Feng Shui. This guidebook is intended for Architects, Interior Designers, anyone interested in this fascinating ancient science, and it includes the fundamentals and practical design strategies to apply Feng Shui principles in your projects and home, to create physical environments filled with tranquility, balance and harmony.

  • Once the payment is received, the guidebook will be sent to your email in PDF format.

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