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Get rid of environmental toxins to improve your health.

  • 1 h
  • 255 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

During the video-consultation, you will explain what are the issues you are experiencing and we will assess your environment with our UNIQUE HOLISTIC APPROACH, to then recommend how you can improve your space and reduce environmental toxins, to find a solution to your problems and improve health. Do you want to IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP? ​Do you always feel TIRED and DRAINED? ​Do you ARGUE WITH YOUR LOVED ONES? ​Do you GET SICK OFTEN? ​Do you feel STUCK in your life, career and relationship? ​Or you just feel NEGATIVE ENERGY in your home? ​ Your Home maybe the cause of your problems. Just like our body, our home needs to be taken care of. What does it mean to have a healthy home? Our indoor environment should be revitalizing and uplifting, and if you don't feel energized and at peace in your home, it means something needs to be improved. The one hour online session includes: .Visual inspection of your space to determine potential toxins, and recommend solutions to avoid them .Recommendations on how to mitigate Electromagnetic radiations and Geopathic stress .Recommendations on healthy materials for home decor and furnishing .Recommendations to create a healthier bedroom to improve sleep .Home Energy chart check up to identify any potential energy blocks .The "Action Plan" will be emailed after the session, including all recommendations and guidelines discussed during the consultation ​ Recommended for: Sleeping Issues, Health Issues, Feng Shui and Energy Flow Improvements, Holistic Health, Nightmares, Baby Nursery, Family Issues, Home-office. ​

Contact Details

  • Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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