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The Healing Chamber is a dedicated room located inside your home or office space where you feel closer to the pure energy of Love and Light.

The healing powers of this room stimulate positive awareness and connection to ourselves, promote mental, physical and spiritual health, provide meaningful stimuli, encourage times of relaxation and midnfullness, reducing stress and supporting healing from within.

The creation of the Healing Chamber does not require changes in the structure of walls and ceilings of the room, but only in some key materials such as flooring and walls decorative elements, to create an harmonious resonator with the highest healing frequencies.

Some of the tools used to create the Healing Chamber are:

-Classical Feng Shui to harmonize environmental energies and create spaces that naturally feel good, to improve wellbeing and comfort.

-Sacred Geometry to create uplifting environments that help people reconnect and reinvigorate their senses, promoting concentration and happiness. We use a mix of rock and crystal powders that will regenerate your aura when you enter this sacred place.

-Electromagnetic fields mitigation to create spaces with no man-made frequencies and allow our brain to resonate with natural healing frequencies, with no disruption of the natural flow of energy. No technology, no wifi, no phones, no connection with the outer world.

-Environmental toxins mitigation and the use of organic non-toxic materials for the interiors to support health, focus, mindfulness and support the connection with ourselves.

-Color psychology to tap into the energy and qualities of color, to positively influence human behavior.

Ancient wisdom elements and design all in one room, to support your healing journey.

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