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We work in partnership with Designers and Architects to help tailor their wellness design path, from the masterplan conception to the floor plans development, the safe implementation of technology and electrical systems within the design, integrating architectural design principles with ancient and contemporary sciences, and merging calculated and measurable scientific methods to remove any disruptors that may limit a harmonious connection with the natural flow of energy.

We also consult on projects that have wellness elements and create content to communicate wellness offerings to clients.

Integrating health and well-being into each layer of the design, from the master plan to the finishes selection and electrical systems, allow us to create spaces that naturally “feel good” , where people feel whole, present and nurtured.

The choices we make about how we build, how we place buildings and align them to the land and the life force, the flow of the floor plans, the natural materials we choose, where they come from, have a direct and powerful impact on people health and well-being, creating an emotional experience with the space.

Our clients consist of Architects, Engineers, Commercial and Residential Developers, Business Owners, Hospitality firms and Farm Lands who seek consultancy on solutions to align the physical environment with the healing frequencies of nature, to optimize health and well-being.

The integrative design process incorporates Classical Feng Shui and Land Energy principles, combined with low Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and Building Biology strategies, Sacred Geometry, Biophilia, Non-toxic materials, to avoid harmful stressors and re-balancing the natural flow of energy within your design.

Ancient sciences inform the design of the physical environment to create spaces that resonate with the spiritual dimension and reflect the synergistic relationship between the Earth and our own energy bodies. These ancient principles are more timely now than ever in our chaotic modern times, and are the missing link in creating environments that support true well-being and health when combined with contemporary sciences.

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