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Energy and Space is one of the top best interior design companies in Dubai that offers excellent services in interior design that are good for your health and wellbeing. Regarding efficiency and effectiveness, when completing healthy interior design projects, we are the best among the list of interior design companies in UAE.

We are a full-service interior design company in Dubai providing sustainable commercial and residential interior design, Feng Shui, conscious interior design services, etc.

Our reputable commercial interior designers and decorators have earned prestige for transforming ordinary spaces into style powerhouses. Based on years of local and international experience, we have created a process to provide our customers with a seamless experience when designing their homes and restaurant. We concentrate on ways to sustain a holistic approach to wellness in our homes or how to improve your home and working space to enhance your well-being, energy levels, and sleep.


As we are one of the leading top best interior design companies in Dubai, we offer sustainable interior design, feng shui Dubai and EMF Dubai services. We use modern or advanced technologies which are inexpensive, accessible, and sustainable. We have an experienced team of conscious interior designers who will take no time to learn your business and are committed to delivering good quality commercial interior designs for your business. If you want healthy interior design for your home and want to make your dreams come true and turn your thoughts into reality, then you can trust us.

Our company achieves a level of excellence in creating masterpieces of interior works that are good for your home environment and your health. The result of our specialists speaks for itself. It can be tough to create a cohesive look that expresses your style. That's where our Interior decorating schemes come in.


At Energy and Space, our team of interior designers in Dubai always concentrates on eco-friendly interior design that enhances indoor air quality, which is better for your health and wellness. They will minimize the resources involved in construction and use eco-friendly materials with an emphasis on the health and environmental impact of the same. The benefits of green or eco-friendly interior design include:

  • Low maintenance cost.

  • Better air quality.

  • Energy efficiency.

  • Better waste management.

  • Inadequate exposure to toxic material.


An excellent eco-friendly interior design and sustainability can make your house warmer, drier, comfier, and more pleasant to live in. It can also make it more beneficial and safer, reduce energy bills, save water and help the environment. A well-designed home has eco-friendly interior design and sustainability resources that are conserved and used efficiently to maintain your costs down without taking its' toll on ease or convenience.

Passive heating and a break of natural light can reduce the amount of electricity or gas we spread in our homes. Some of the things that can be equally as valuable are solar water heating and energy-efficient appliances. By putting less artificial energy to use, not only will you save yourself a significant amount of money but also assist in reducing dangerous greenhouse emissions.

So if you are looking for the best interior design services from a company that will help you in reducing the cost of living, and offers you a healthier environment in your home, then Energy and Space is one of the leading interior design company that offers eco-friendly interior designing services by using non-toxic materials that will lower consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and form healthy, productive environments.



An excellent holistic interior design improves the aesthetics of a space and encourages the mood of the person it caters to. Therefore, the need for proficient best interior design companies in Dubai cannot be undermined. And Energy and Space is one of the top interior design company in Dubai that provides environmentally friendly interior design for homes, villas, restaurants, and offices. Whether you want to design a new space or renovate an old setting, we will make the environment interactive design for your Space. You can contact us to get exceptional services at reasonable prices.

We will also provide our interior design consultancy services so that you can avoid bad purchasing decisions. Our experience in-house team will also prepare proper construction documentation sets, annihilating the chance of inappropriate specifications. They can further assist you in narrowing down the quality selection from the extensive available options in terms of non-toxic materials and elements, eco-friendly interior design products, furniture, and lighting fixtures.

Some of the best services that we offer are:


We do a residential and environmental audit of your space and help assess the health and well-being of your existing space. We implement strategies that nurture health, happiness, and comfort in your most valued environments.


Energy and Space the best interior design companies in Dubai offers the best conscious interior design services in Dubai. We promote our environments by sourcing high-quality, natural, and raw materials and elements to create toxic-free environments. We nurture natural, healthy and non-toxic, and sustainable furnishing that follows the Building Biology principles, including furniture, rugs, mattresses, lighting, paint, accessories, EMF shielding products, and more.


We help our customers who are looking to buy the property or relocate by determining if a property is healthy and supportive of the family/business abundance and prosperity. We also help them by checking the overall health potential of the property and Feng Shui Dubai prospects. 

Check our real estate for well being service.


Here are some of the top interior design companies in Dubai:


  • Muse Design

  • Sneha Divias Atelier

  • XBD Collective

  • The niu studio


These are the top 4 companies of the interior in Dubai. As compared to all of them, Energy and Space, the best interior design company in Dubai UAE, is much better because we offer our customer sustainable interior design services, which mean we use non-toxic material and elements in our services. These materials not even make your home environment healthier but are also good for health and wellness. 

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