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Energy and Space is one of the leading companies of office interior design Dubai, providing stellar services and exceptional sustainable office interior decoration solutions to reputed businesses, corporations, and commercial firms and offices based in Dubai and UAE.

Your office interiors in Dubai are considered to be special, original, and sustainable in terms of design and functionality. It is essential to design a collaborative space that allows employees to work without restrictions and encourages teamwork, healthy business partnerships, and skill development. We at Energy and Space offer luxury office interior design Dubai services for your office. We incorporate your business objective and brand ideology to design an amazing workspace for your firm.



Here are some of the top office interior design Dubai ideas that are trending in 2022:



Sustainability has become a top priority and moved higher up the list of many business processes, and the same involves commercial property and office interior design in Dubai. Companies are looking for solutions to assemble their offices more sustainable daily, influencing design and product designs. There are many ways to build a workspace with sustainability in mind. Businesses can easily lessen their environmental impact by including high-efficiency systems, utilizing LED lighting, taking the benefit of natural light and passive ventilation, sticking to low-emission materials, and reusing or re-purposing furniture.




The elevation of hybrid working will dictate how the office looks and how we utilize it. While the look and sense of the office are not expected to change drastically, the team will want their juncture in the office to be more intentional and productive. With improved transient workers, the office will still be a vital part of a business setup, so firms will look to maximize their available area to sustain this new type of work.




It is important for every interior designer Dubai to Use natural elements in their office interior design Dubai services. Bringing raw or natural elements into your office assists your workforce feel bonded to the world beyond the office. Flowers, container gardens, succulents, and living walls can enhance morale, and plants are amazing natural air quality monitors. It's also helpful to incorporate raw materials, such as wood, brick, and stone, in your architecture and design to simulate the feel of an outdoor setting.


Consider establishing a waterfall or fountain for flowing water's incredible, refreshing sound. Water features can double the effect of living walls and container gardens. While water features don't always require a tremendous amount of Space, they need some forethought for plumbing and proper construction.




Comprehensive open floor plans are a typical theme when designing a modern office space. Think about reconfiguring workstations to offer private and public areas that transition seamlessly to let employees experience the environment that sustains their work as they're doing it. Remember, some workers may be in the office daily, while others may only be in one time a week or once a month. So, while not every worker will have a reliable desk, they should have a set space to work from.



Energy and Space is the leading office interior design company Dubai that has the best office interior design consultants in Dubai that strive to create a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The contemporary & international design styles are followed by us when executing the interior design of any residential, commercial, or official setup. You can hire us for our best office interior design consultancy services to get the interiors of your according to your unique style.


We have a team of the best office interior design Dubai who work with you and consider your unique demands, which are integrated with their designs. We not only provide services for office interior design Dubai, but we also provide Feng Shui DubaiEMF Dubai, and conscious interior design services. So if you are looking for the best interior design services for the office, then don't forget to contact Energy and Space.

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