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Energy and Space is the top interior design company in Dubai that offers excellent services for restaurant interior design. We have a team of the best restaurant interior designer Dubai who will fulfill all your requirements and help you at every stage.


For restaurant owners, a beautifully designed area is key to attracting more customers and providing an enjoyable dining experience. As a result, restaurants need to be presented in the best light, and this is where energy and Space come into play. With extensive experience in providing restaurant interior design Dubai that reflects the company's history and brand, Energy and Space is able to provide a distinctive Dubai restaurant design that sets it apart from the rest.


We know that you want your restaurant interior to be not only beautiful and functional but also strategic and rational. That is why we specialize in translating our client's vision and brand into Dubai restaurant designs that offer immersive customer experiences that attract more people.



Energy and Space is among the best interior designers in Dubai, known for their consulting services. Our team of experienced interior designers will give you the best advice on designing healthy conscious interiors according to your specific requirements.

Our team of professional interior designers will go over your property and discuss what you want to achieve. Furniture placement, finish choices (tiles, countertops, flooring, etc.), windowsill decor, furniture. Whether it's manufacturing or sales, or any other design-related advice you need, our consulting services are top-notch.




Hiring a freelance interior designer can be very helpful as they will do a lot of the work for you. However, if you don't plan enough before you arrive, you'll have a hard time coping.

If you are looking to hire the best restaurant interior designer Dubai, then Energy and Space is the leading interior designing company in Dubai that has an expert team of interior designers. Our expert designers are good at giving restaurant interior design ideas and work with clients to consider their unique requirements that are incorporated into their unique designs. This creates a unique design style for a specific idea. When planning the interior of a building, pay special attention to the coordination of building services. Before execution begins, our team creates a proposed design and presents it in a photorealistic 3D view, so you know what your interior will look like.​



Using the right materials for each space is key to interior design. Not all materials are a good fit for every restaurant, but today there are technical solutions for almost everything. Many ingredients are available in restaurants today. Natural stone, wood, pottery, etc. The only thing that all materials you choose must have in common is quality. Besides uniqueness, quality is one of the two basic requirements in all our activities.


So we are always trying to optimize our budget considering the quality of materials and execution. The final quality result is a guarantee of aesthetic and functional durability. No matter how beautiful or cheap it is, choosing materials of questionable quality is never a good choice. The first thing you save is because you spend less time on repairs or replacements.


At Energy and Space our interior designer Dubai uses high-quality materials for your restaurant interior design. Their top priority is to fulfill all requirements of customers. The material which we use is natural color, Glass, reclaimed wood, marble, etc. We not only provide services for restaurant interior design, but we also provide services for Feng Shui DubaiEMF Dubai, etc.

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